A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.


Respect and manners are paramount.

When contacting me, be polite and professional. I find nothing more titillating than an email with manners, so briefly introduce yourself. I tend to gravitate more to emails that are articulate and well-written versus sloppy writing and one-liners. Explicit, vulgar, poorly-written, inappropriate emails will be ignored. Requesting content such as personal photos/selfies or inappropriate dirty talk will be automatically deleted and not answered.

With regard to patronage, it is expected that you are fully aware and familiar with the rate structure. Finances will never be discussed when we meet. Please place the donation in an unsealed envelope (green is my favorite color), in plain view, by the bathroom sink prior to the start of our meeting.
If in public, a gift bag/box or book will suffice.

To ensure total privacy and discretion, I do not have any social media, will not share face photos nor allow/consent that our time to be reproduced or shared in any manner, including recordings of any type.

I don’t discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, age(21+), gender, ability or any other unique qualities. I do however happily discriminate based on manners, safety, hygiene and generosity.

Reviews: In order to safeguard our mutual privacy as well as foster a culture of gentlemanly respect for women as a class, please do not post reviews of our time together.


I am a lover of high heels and dresses, typically 6ft in heels.

If you would like me to dress down or up, let me know and I’ll try my best to accommodate. I also accept specific outfit or look requests at my discretion and your expense.

By booking me, you agree to respect my individual boundaries on all matters. If I have to say “no” more than once, you forfeit your appointment.


Burgundy is my favorite color.

The most flattering gift is a second date! I adore jewelry , perfume and books.

I am hard to shop for because of my large bust and dramatic curves so I take that hassle out of the equation with my wishlist or gift cards. For generous gents I do appreciate the following!

My Wishlist

– Gift Cards can be sent to from Amazon, Delta, Jetblue, and Honey Birdette.

Cash tips can be sent to my CashApp